3 Common Mistakes Wrestlers make with the Single Leg Takedown

Hey fellow wrestler, let’s talk about those single legs that you’re unable to master. In this quick post, I want to name the 3 most common errors when it comes to messing up a single.


1) Never touch the knee


Don’t be lazy. Plain and simple. This one mainly goes out to the heavyweight wrestlers, but trust me, I’ve seen 106lbers mess this up too. If you’re not going to fully commit to the shot, please do not take the shot at all; it will only end badly for you. Either A) You’ll get scored on or B) you’ll end up scrambling for 2 minutes and waste a ton of energy.


2) No poker face


This one is a little more complex. Here’s the idea: if you’re constantly staring at your opponent’s right leg the entire 1st minute, and your eyes don’t change once… well, he’s going to know the shot is coming. Wrestling is all about faking your opponent, getting him off balance, and making the timing right.


3) Only one version


Look, the single leg could be your ONLY move. As long as you were the best at it, you would never lose a match. However, you get into trouble when you can only hit ONE version of the single leg. You should be hitting hi-c’s, low lows, sweeps, head in the chest, etc. This will give you a plethora of different versions to select from once you’ve set your opponent up for a takedown.


If you learn how to avoid these 3 common errors, then you’ll be better than 95% of wrestlers trying to take single shots. Also, if you’re looking for more wrestling single leg tips and techniques, you can check out Flow Wrestling.